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WHS Certificate Reminder

The diving WHS Certificate course is now up and running.  Beat the rush and get in now to complete this short online course.

In 2019, the AS 4005.2 Standard was removed from publication which means that people who undertake general diving work under this qualification no longer meet the legislative requirements to perform general diving work, especially in New South Wales (Australia).

To be able to continue working as a general diver, all workers who are AS 4005.2 qualified must update their training by December 2022. This can be done by completing the diving WHS Certificate course which is a short online course that is self-paced and self-directed.

While the deadline for the upgrade is still some time away, there will no doubt be a rush of applicants which is likely to cause delays in processing upgrade applications.  To ensure that your work commitments are unaffected by this change, complete the course now before the rush begins.

More details can be found on the WHS Certificate page of the ADAS website.

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