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Online Revision

Are you preparing for an ADAS course? Do you want to refresh your knowledge of diver physics, physiology, and diving illnesses? Then the ADAS Online Revision Courses are for you!


Certified Courses

ADAS has developed a wide range of nationally accredited courses to cater for the various possible career pathways within the hyperbaric industry ranging from offshore diving to the aquaculture industry.


Diving Industry News

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ADAS Welcomes New Chair and Board Member

ADAS has welcomed a new Board Chair Dr Stuart Cannon, and Board Member, Ben Law, as we farewell Board member Wendy Chambers and Chairman Ian Milliner, and thank Ian for his ten years of service on the ADAS Board.
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ADAS Schools Update

There have recently been changes to ADAS training facilities with one school expanding into Western Australia and another no longer offering ADAS training courses.
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Two safety events reported from IMCA include the tragic death of a dive instructor caused by incorrect valve threads on a diving cylinder, and a near miss incident where a diver’s umbilical became trapped. We also share an update from Safe Work Australia on managing psychosocial hazards in the workplace.
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IMCA Updates

IMCA has published two new Guidance documents: the first provides information and guidance on the provision, acceptance and handling of breathing gases for diving, the second on protecting divers during underwater excavations. Additionally, IMCA Contractor Members are invited to submit Safety Statistics for 2022.
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