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Recognising innovation or exceptional effort to advance the safety of the working diver.

In recognition of outstanding services to safety in the commercial diving industry, ADAS has initiated the Derek Craig Award for Improving Occupational Diver Safety which will be awarded annually to individuals in the industry who have shown innovation or exceptional effort to advance the safety of the working diver.

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The ADAS Derek Craig Award for Improving Occupational Diver Safety (Derek Craig Award) is a perpetual award overseen by the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS). It recognises innovation or exceptional effort to advance the safety of the working diver.

Derek Craig worked tirelessly to protect the working diver over several decades. Safety in the workplace was Derek’s profession as an Inspector for the South Australian Department of Industrial Affairs (SA DIA) – the Government body responsible of OHS legislation and forerunner to today’s Safework SA. He was also actively involved in the establishment of ADAS and The Royal Adelaide Hospital Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, and with the peak body The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF).

Bob Ramsay, Director of Hyperbaric System Design – Hyperbaric Health, one of the companies to propose the award said “Derek’s ideals of upholding and improving occupational diver safety are worthy of recognition. A perpetual award in his name is a constructive and suitable means to acknowledge Derek’s professional career.”

Through Derek’s efforts at work as both as a member of AS2299 Committee and working closely with ADAS, significant improvements to occupational diver safety were implemented both in SA and nationally. Derek has had many notable career achievements including leading a joint Industrial Affairs /WorkCover intervention that over a twelve month period reduced the rate and associated cost of diving accidents by 85% and 95% respectively.

The diagnosis of Motor Neuron Disease (MND) forced Derek to retire late April 2010. He and others in the industry hope that the creation of the award will inspire others in the occupational diver safety field to strive for further change and improvement.

The inaugural award was presented to Derek Craig in a ceremony held on the 9th of December 2010, with Senior Sergeant Bob McDonald of the South Australian Police Water Response team officially presenting Derek with the honour.

In order to ensure that Derek’s contribution to diving safety is remembered the Derek Craig Award has been created. It is given in the discipline of occupational diving safety and is awarded annually to recognise the efforts of an individual diver, group of divers or an organisation, who have worked to improve occupational diver safety.

Nomination of any person or group who meet the criteria must be submitted between July 1st and December 31st of any year. The Award shall be presented before June 30th the following year.

Award objective: The Derek Craig Award for Improving Occupational Diver Safety recognises innovation or exceptional effort to advance the safety of the working diver. This can be achieved through any method, for example: legislation, equipment design or research. It is awarded annually.


2010: Derek Craig
2011: Bruce Thompson
2012: Paul Butler
2013: Dr David Smart
2017: David Bacchus
2022: Corry Van Den Broek

Selection / Presentation Process

  1. The Award will be presented at a time and place nominated by ADAS in the first six months of the year following.
  2. Nominations for the award must be forwarded to the ADAS before January 1st of each year. Those nominations will be considered for that years Award.
  3. A nomination form can be downloaded here
  4. The Awards Group consists of three persons and may freely decide on which nomination is selected by them, no process for selection is prescribed. Meeting the objectives for the Award is essential.
  5. The Award may only be given in a year when nominations are deemed to be suitable by the Awards Group. No award in any year is acceptable.
  6. The number of nominations and the identity of all nominees will remain confidential, and will not be disclosed to anyone. No correspondence will be entered into.
  7. Nominations are to be returned to ADAS by mail or email marked NOMINATION FORM DEREK CRAIG AWARD.
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