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Also See: Offshore Supervisor Certification

Important Information

Before commencing your application please read the following instructions then start the application at the bottom of the page:
  • View the ADAS Conditions of Certification page
  • View the ADAS Certification Fees
  • Have electronic copies of your passport or suitable alternative and a passport style photo
  • Have electronic copies of your relevant documentation (see opposite)
  • Have your preferred payment option ready (credit card, PayPal, cheque, EFT transfer).

Offshore Supervisor Certification Arrangements

Please read the Offshore Supervisor Certification Arrangements document before you begin your application.  This document provides details about certification requirements and prerequisites needed for each type of offshore supervisor certification.


As part of the application process, candidates are required to successfully complete the IMCA Offshore Supervisor online examination in formal exam conditions. Details about this exam will be provided once the application form is received and approved by ADAS.

You can prepare for this exam by completing the supervisor specific ADAS online revision modules.  See the ADAS Online Sites page for more details about these modules.

NOTE: The form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The form can NOT be saved so please allow sufficient time and ensure that you have all your files to complete the process.

Completing the Application

All Offshore Supervisor certification applicants must complete ALL sections of the application form relevant to the type of certification being applied for.  The certification options on this form include:

  • Offshore Air Supervisor – from a Trainee Offshore Supervisor Air (TOSA) certification
  • Offshore Bell Supervisor – from a Trainee Offshore Supervisor Bell (TOSB) certification
  • Offshore Bell Supervisor – from a substantive Offshore Air Supervisor certification

The documentation required for each of the certifications listed varies, therefore it is important that you select the correct type of certification being applied for when you begin the application.

Please carefully read over the Documentation Checklist before you begin the application to ensure you have all the required supporting documentation and meet all prerequisites.

NOTE: The offshore supervisor application fee is comprised of a non-refundable assessment fee, and a certification fee. If you do not meet all the application requirements and prerequisites or fail the application process, the certification fee will be refunded to you, but you will forfeit the assessment fee.

Required Documentation

As a minimum, you must provide the following items in your application:

  • Personal identification
  • Passport style photograph
  • Current First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Management certifications
  • Existing diver and trainee offshore supervisor certifications
  • Dive logs and completed dive log matrix (Not applicable for Offshore Air supervisors upgrading to Offshore Bell Supervisor certification)
  • Trainee Offshore Supervisor logs and completed panel hours matrix
  • Letter of Recommendation from employer

Personal Identification
Provide a high quality electronic copy of the photo and identity page of your PassportIf you do not possess a passport, provide one of the following forms of photo ID: Driver’s Licence or National Identification Card.

Passport Style Photograph
Provide a high quality electronic copy of current COLOUR passport style photograph that has been taken in the last twelve (12) monthsEnsure your picture is sharp and in focus and has been taken against a light, neutral background. Please avoid a heavy or dark background colour.

First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Management
First Aid certifications must have been issued within three (3) years of the application date.  CPR and Oxygen Management certifications must have been issued, or demonstrated, within 12 months of the application date.

Existing National Certification
Provide a high quality electronic copy of the front and back of your existing diver and trainee/substantive offshore supervisor certifications. Please note that at present ADAS only recognises trainee and substantive Offshore Supervisor certifications from the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC).

Dive Log and Panel Hours Matrix
Please download and complete the Dive Log Matrix and the Trainee Supervisor Panel Hours Matrix  as part of your application preparation. Ensure you enter all required information, you will be asked to fill in the matrix again if it is not completed properly.

Letter of Recommendation
Applicants must be formally recommended by an offshore diving company active in contract work.  There must be an employer/employee relationship between the company and the applicant to ensure the company is responsible for the undertaking of assessment of competency while panel hours are accrued.  Use the ADAS Letter of Recommendation template to meet this requirement.

Logbook Evidence

NOTE: You may need to compress your dive log files to upload them to this form.  The maximum file size for each field is 50MB. 

Provide electronic copies of your diver/supervisor logbook showing evidence that you have undertaken the required offshore air dives and trainee panel hours to support your application. Diver logs must show the name and signature of the diving supervisor, and supervisor logs must show a company stamp and supervisor signature.

For Offshore Air supervisor applicants, the amount of logs you need to submit depend on whether your sponsoring company if an IMCA member or not.  The differences are shown below.

IMCA Member Companies

  • Commercial air dives: 30 logbook pages showing dives undertaken both before and after gaining a trainee air supervisor certification
  • Trainee panel hours: 30 logbook pages showing:
    • First logs are training course completion
    • Most recent logs
    • Even distribution of pages between the first and last pages
    • Page numbering visible and ‘running totals’ field ascending page by page

Non-IMCA Companies

  • Commercial air dives: logbook showing 200 offshore commercial air dives
  • Trainee panel hours: Logbook showing 200 panel hours on a minimum of 100 surface dives over a minimum of 60 days while working as a trainee air supervisor

If you are claiming time in the ADAS simulator to assist your application, ensure this is clearly shown in your logbook/s.

If you do not hold logbook evidence of your recent commercial diving experience, please contact ADAS for further advice.

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