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World Leading Training Solutions for the Diving Industry

ADAS has developed a wide range of nationally accredited courses to cater for the various possible career pathways within the hyperbaric industry. These courses are underwritten by national standards, particularly the Australian Standard AS 2815 Training and Certification of Occupational Divers in its various Parts. This Standard was developed by the SF/17 Diving Committee of Standards Australia in conjunction with ADAS and overseas diver training authorities to define the minimum acceptable competencies required to meet international industry and regulatory requirements for the various levels of occupational divers and related hyperbaric specialisations.

ADAS is committed to conducting its training to at least the level defined in the relevant standards and often exceeds the requirements of the Standards to ensure that ADAS divers are receiving training that takes into account new developments in vocational education and industry practices.

Additionally, ADAS training programs are designed specifically to conform to the requirements of national and international regulatory and industry requirements, this enables ADAS licence holders to work in various countries around the world.

Want to Complete a Training Course?

ADAS training is conducted at Accredited Training Establishments (ATEs) in Australia and overseas. There are a variety of courses available to suit the needs of different training levels.  Prospective students are encouraged to contact the ATEs directly to find out information related to enrolment, course costs and training schedules.

Want to Learn about Vocational Education and Training (VET) Qualifications?

Within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system in Australia, ADAS is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and has accredited its courses under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). ADAS divers are therefore eligible for qualifications like Certificates, Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas which may be recognised as credit towards a higher vocational or university qualification. More information is available on the VET Qualifications page of this website.

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