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Organisational Structure

ADAS operates as a not-for-profit incorporated association on a cost-recovery basis. ADAS receives no government funding and has no paying members or shareholders.

The Scheme, particularly in relation to offshore oil and gas activities, operates under the general direction of the Federal Government Department of Industry and responsibility for the specific corporate governance and strategic oversight of the Scheme is vested in the independent ADAS Board.

Governance Arrangements

The ADAS Board acts in a policy governance role and the day-to-day administration and operations are undertaken by ADAS staff under the direction of an Executive Director.

The ADAS Board comprises of independent non-executive Directors from various sectors of the occupational diving industry, each offering particular expertise and industry experience to the Board.

These Directors are independent of management and free from any business relationship or other circumstance that could interfere with objective, unfettered or independent judgement. The Board Directors perform their duties on a strictly voluntary basis.

The Board’s role is fundamentally to create and deliver value through the effective governance of the organisation and Directors also undertake to act as a conduit between their organisations and ADAS.

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Industry, the Board is required to ensure that ADAS:

  • delivers and continues to deliver its full range of diver certification functions;
  • is conducted so that its administrative, operational, training, assessment and diver certification standards, policies, procedures and practices are, and remain, at the level of best practice and result in a standard of diver certification acceptable to the Department and that enables the maintenance of the ADAS international recognition agreements.

The Board is required to report to the Department on an annual basis with respect to the finances, fees and the administration of the Scheme.

ADAS Board Membership Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in joining the ADAS Board please send your expression of interest by submitting the ADAS Board Membership Expression of Interest Form.

Current ADAS Board of Directors

Ian Milliner (Chair)

Company Director, Project Manager, Trainer

Ian is a generalist business, project and training manager, with extensive experience in the maritime, subsea and logistics industries. As Managing Director of The Underwater Centre Fremantle Pty Ltd and following its acquisition of James Fisher Australia Pty Ltd, Ian was responsible for diversified companies that specialized in submarine rescue services and submarine escape training for the RAN, commercial diver training for industry and project by project support and marine crewing for the oil and gas industry.

As a former Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Clearance Diver (CD), Ian saw three years’ service as a CD with the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

Ian has held a number of senior industry administrative positions concurrent to his work including Secretary of the Australia Scuba Council, National Scuba Qualification Commission and WA Branch of the RAN Clearance Diving Association. He has also been a member of the Boating Industry Association (BIA) Boat Show Sub Committee and a member Maritime Archaeology Advisory Committee of the Western Australian Maritime Museum. Ian is the former National Manager of FAUI/NASDS, and is currently the inaugural Secretary of the Navy Clearance Diver Trust and a current graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Amanda Sordes

ADAS Executive Director

Amanda has significant experience as an occupational diver, supervisor, and diving safety industry officer. She has worked across various industries including offshore construction, onshore construction, aquarium/zoo, and scientific diving. Amanda has two Masters degrees in Environmental Protection and Management and is qualified as an ADAS Training and Assessment Manager with experience in training development and delivery, and has been a contributor to a wide range of ADAS projects. 

Her positions as Dive Officer at two Sydney universities, facilitator for the French National Convention on Occupational Diving, participation in IDRCF and EDTC meetings, and three years’ experience serving as a Director of the ADAS Board have given her a solid understanding of ADAS’s role and function both nationally and within international arenas.  

Amanda cares about all sectors of the diving community, growing stakeholder engagement, and improving diver safety. During her time as Executive Director she aims to efficiently maintain ADAS’ regulatory and MOU commitments whilst continually improving the quality and relevance of ADAS’ portfolio of services. 

Alan Strong (Deputy Chair)

General Manager of Hydropro PTE Ltd, Singapore

Alan has accumulated over 25 years’ experience in the Commercial Diving industry in diverse environments and applications from oil rigs to preparing Viaduct Harbour for the America’s Cup and managing much of the Rena Salvage Operation off Tauranga.  Recently he has been salvage master of several barge and cargo ship salvages including providing expertise, the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialists, and divers for the recently sunk Sindhughosh class submarine in India. Presently general manager of Hydropro PTE LTD in Singapore which specializes in offshore diving operations and rope access for the oil and shipping industries.  Alan was the first accredited trainer of commercial divers to international specifications in New Zealand, and established the training operation that grew into the New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training in July 2000, and sold in 2013.

Adrian Evans

Assistant National Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia (CFMMEU)

Adrian joined the maritime industry in 1991 as an apprentice mechanic at the Fremantle Port Authority and worked in a number of waterfront roles before taking on the role of ITF inspector in 2007 where he had responsibility for inspecting Flag of Convenience Vessels that trade in Western Australia which included liaising with industry and regulators such as AMSA. He has been a union official since 2009, first as WA Branch Deputy Secretary and currently as the Assistant National Secretary of the MUA (CFMMEU). He has extensive experience in safety and training in his roles on the waterfront and in the Union and holds a Cert IV in Workplace Health and Safety and Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. Adrian currently has responsibility of the diving membership of the MUA.

Dr. Sarah Lockley

Senior Medical Officer – Royal Australian Navy (focusing as Submarine Underwater Medicine Unit Medical Officer, and Deputy Fleet Medical Officer)

Sarah began her career as an assistant nurse, personal care assistant, and scientific officer before gaining a Bachelor of Medicine (Hons) in 2002.  From then, until she completed her Submarine Underwater Medicine training in 2005, Sarah worked as a medical officer and registrar in civilian hospitals.  Her military career began in 2005 when Sarah was appointed as a Medical Officer at HMAS Penguin.

Since that time, Sarah has continued to expand her knowledge and skills in hyperbaric medicine, including being deployed to the Arabian Gulf as a medical officer, and is currently active as a Royal Australian Navy senior medical officer and a civilian General Practitioner.

Sarah also sat on the Board of Directors for the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS) and has a keen focus on hyperbaric health.

Peter Sieniewicz

Technical Adviser – Diving for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)

Peter Sieniewicz has been lead diving technical advisor for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) since 2012 which sees him draw on his 14 years of experience as a specialist diving inspector for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the United Kingdom.  Peter not only brings his Health and Safety expertise to the ADAS Board of Directors, but also his experience in research, legislation, diver training and project management.

Beginning his diving career in Canada, Peter relocated to England in the 1970’s taking on a number of roles in the hyperbaric industry with a  focus on Health and Safety but also ROV management.  Shane’s current focus relates to Health & Safety in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Cliff Coulson-Bonner

Project and Diving Manager

Cliff is a Project and Air/Nitrox Diving Manager, with extensive experience in Oil & Gas, UXO remediation and Renewables industries.

As a Subsea Project Manager for MMA Offshore, Cliff is responsible for Tier 1 subsea Oil & Gas, Renewables sector & UXO projects in Australia, and internationally. As a Former Royal Navy Chief Clearance Diver & 2nd Officer in Charge of SDU2, Cliff operated for 24 years in the UK & internationally, in Management of Diving /EOD Units, Diving Supervision, Underwater Engineering, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), UXO remediation, DCIEM Experimental Diving & Submarine Escape Support.

Born in South Australia before moving to NSW and then to the UK; Cliff returned to Australia in 2002, where he has worked extensively in the Australian & International sector, as a Diving & ROV Project Manager, OGP Client Representative, Offshore Superintendent, ADAS Offshore Dive Supervisor, Health & Safety Professional & Senior UXO Supervisor/Manager.

Wendy Chambers

Project Manager Consultant

Wendy has a passion for diving and has worked in a variety of occupations that compliment her diving experience. She has worked as an Onshore & Offshore diver in Australia and over a 20 year period progressed into Offshore Project Management roles, holding the position of Offshore Operations Coordinator & diving Subject Matter Expert (SME) with Exxonmobil from 2012 – 2019. Wendy is currently working in the Thermal Energy Sector and is in the process of studying and pursuing a career in the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector.

After completing her commercial diver training at the Dive Bell in Townsville, Wendy went on to work for a number of diving companies where she gained experience as a Part 3 diver. She continued with personal development studying at Canberra University and Deakin University resulting in a Masters of Aquaculture and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Wendy reflects that the time spent in a wet suit and hard hat were the best years of her life. The highlight of her diving career was to be the first female offshore diver in Bass Strait whilst working for Oceaneering Australia.

Dr Stuart Cannon

Chief Technology Officer: Innovation and Strategic Research, Australian Department of Defence

Stuart has long-standing and extensive experience in the maritime industry primarily focusing on naval architecture and engineering.  Stuart’s career began as a Graduate Naval Architect in 1986 and he went on to be a lecturer at Brunel University in London and the Australian Maritime College teaching in the areas of ship structures and engineering.  In the late 1990’s Stuart’s career began to focus on maritime engineering research and he has been instrumental in the research and development of Royal Australian Navy surface ships, and ensuring the longevity of the shipbuilding program by implementing a national research program in the Naval Shipbuilding Plan.

Currently, Stuart’s involvement in research and development continues in his role as Chief Technology Officer: Innovation and Strategic Research for the Australian Department of Defence, and he also holds a position as Adjunct Professor in Hydrodynamics and Maritime Engineering at the University of Tasmania’s Australian Maritime College.

In addition to being a chartered engineer, Stuart also holds fellowships with Engineers Australia, the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, and the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering.  Stuart also gained an Executive Masters degree in Public Administration in 2021 which compliments his previous extensive qualifications in maritime engineering and naval architectural fields.

Stuart’s passion and commitment to research and strategic planning is an asset to ADAS, with extensive connections to Standards Australia and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, and his strong involvement in the business world throughout his career.

Edwin Tan

Managing Director – Hydropro Pte. Ltd

Edwin Tan started his career in the diving industry as a naval diver with the Republic of Singapore Navy in 1983 and subsequently became a qualified Clearance Diver in the Royal Australian Navy. Soon after, he obtained vigorous training in commercial diving, including his attendance in ADAS courses in New Zealand, and established his position in the industry. Today, he is the Managing Director of Hydropro Pte. Ltd.

Throughout his 38 years of experience, Edwin has risen through the ranks and made a significant impact in the diving industry. Edwin founded and chaired the Commercial Diving Association (Singapore) between 2010 and 2014, which led to the transformation of old diving practices to a system that operates under strict regulations today.

Edwin is also a member of the commercial diving workgroup, which played a significant role in appraising the Workplace Safety and Health Guideline for Inland/Inshore Commercial Diving that is to be published in 2021.

Edwin offers a wealth of insights with his experiences within the Southeast Asian diving industry and hopes to introduce these ideas to the ADAS Board of Directors. Through his involvement in ADAS, Edwin aims to continue raising the standards for training and qualification for diving in Southeast Asia, focusing on that of the ship husbandry industry.

Mike Pascoe

Owner/Director/Diver Trainer

Mike has 15 years experience in commercial diving, supervision, and project management of inshore and offshore sectors around New Zealand and the South Pacific, including a 4-year seabed mining project off the west coast of New Zealand where he assisted in the development and operation of diver and remotely operated geotechnical drilling systems.

Mike Holds a Diploma in Outdoor Education, Diploma in Hyperbaric Operations, and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, he is a current ADAS Training and Assessment Manager (ATAM) and has been involved in occupational diver training since 2014.

He is actively involved with ADAS and other industry working groups to develop quality internationally recognised training programs including the development of New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) funded certificate courses.  He is a representative across multiple stakeholder platforms including the Australian SF17 Standards Committee and the Worksafe New Zealand DIAG (Diving Industry Advisory Group), and has most recently worked on the development of ADAS Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) pilot technician training programs, and approval of two new ADAS training centres located in Singapore and Spain.

Mike is a consultant to the Ministry of Defence and New Zealand Navy for Dynamically Positioned (DP) Diving and ROV systems and has recently opened a new privately owned occupational diver training facility in New Zealand.  

He lives in the Bay of Plenty with his wife and two kids.

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