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Please read this information as soon as you gain a trainee offshore supervisor certification so you can be sure you meet ADAS requirements to gain a full supervisor certification.

Ensure you read the Offshore Supervisor Application information page and that you meet set prerequisites before submitting an application to ADAS.

Please note: there are different application requirements for applicants from IMCA member companies compared to those from non IMCA member companies.  Read the required documentation checklist carefully to ensure you submit the correct documentation.

ADAS Offshore Air, and Offshore Air & Bell supervisor certifications allow certificate holders to work in Australian and international waters. These certifications are gained after years of experience in the offshore industry and reflect the high level of expertise and knowledge needed to reach this level.

ADAS offers both trainee and full supervisor certifications, and applicants must become a trainee before they apply for a full supervisor certification. Currently, ADAS offers the following offshore supervisor certifications:

  • Trainee Offshore Air (TOSA)
  • Trainee Offshore Air & Bell (TOSB)
  • Offshore Air
  • Offshore Air & Bell

Becoming a Trainee Offshore Air Supervisor (TOSA) or Trainee Offshore Air & Bell Supervisor (TOSB)

In order to become a fully certified ADAS Offshore Air or Air & Bell supervisor, commercial divers and onshore supervisors must first become an ADAS, or ADAS recognised, Trainee Offshore Air (TOSA) or Trainee Air & Bell (TOSB) supervisor. Part 3 (SSBA to 50m) divers may be eligible to apply for a TOSA certification, while Part 4 (Closed Bell) divers may be eligible to apply for a TOSB certification.

Trainee supervisor applicants must meet set prerequisites and then apply to an ADAS Accredited Training Establishment (ATE), or an ADAS recognised international training organisation, to undertake a TOSA or TOSB training course. The ADAS Trainee Offshore Supervisor courses are designed to provide an offshore diver with relevant offshore supervisor skills and knowledge to commence gaining the requisite offshore industry experience under the close supervision of an appropriately qualified supervisor. An ADAS TOSA or TOSB certification will be issued upon successful completion of the course with an ADAS ATE.

TOSA and TOSB certifications are valid for three years and certificate holders must apply to become full offshore supervisor before the end of that time.

Becoming an Offshore Air or Offshore Air & Bell supervisor

TOSA or TOSB certificate holders must apply to ADAS before the end of their three year certification period and undertake a formal examination once their application is approved. Applicants must be able to meet set prerequisites before submitting an application to ADAS.

The application process involves posting an application form and any required supporting documentation to ADAS. An Offshore Supervisor Application information page is available which provides detailed information and step-by-step guidance. Please thoroughly read the information page and prerequisites before submitting an application to ADAS.

All applications are to be made directly to ADAS, and must be approved by ADAS before the examination is booked or attempted.

Please note: It is possible for an applicant to gain both an Offshore Air and an Offshore Air & Bell certification concurrently if they meet the prerequisites for both TOSA and TOSB certifications.

ADAS Simulator

The ADAS diving supervisor simulator is also available to assist offshore supervisor applicants build up their panel time.  An agreement between ADAS and IMCA is in place which allows applicants to gain a set amount of panel hours for both air supervisor and bell supervisor applicants.

Offshore air supervisor applicants are able to gain a maximum of 60 panel hours and 30 surface dives which can be obtained by 30 hands-on hours experience in the simulator.

Offshore bell supervisor applicants are able to gain a maximum of 105 panel hours and 15 bell runs which can be obtained by 54 hands-on hours experience in the simulator.

You can find more information about the ADAS simulators on the ADAS Diving Supervisor Training Simulators page.

If you are interested in utilising the ADAS simulator, please contact ADAS for more information.

Payment Information

Please be sure you meet the prerequisites for becoming a full Offshore Supervisor before you submit the application and pay the application fee.

The offshore supervisor application fee is comprised of a non-refundable assessment fee, and a certification fee. If you fail the application process, the certification fee will be refunded to you, but you will forfeit the assessment fee.

Crossover to ADAS

An alternate path to the above application process is available for people who hold an international offshore supervisor certification. In these cases, the supervisor may be eligible to ‘crossover’ to gain an ADAS offshore supervisor certification. Information about the crossover process, including which international certifications are recognised, can be found in the International & Military Equivalents section of this website.

Please be aware that all crossover applicants will have to sit an Australian Legislation exam before an offshore supervisor certification is issued. Details will be provided by ADAS to each applicant.

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