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Important Information

Before commencing your application please read the following instructions then start the application at the bottom of the page:
  • View the ADAS Conditions of Certification page
  • View the ADAS Certification Fees
  • Have electronic copies of your passport or suitable alternative and a passport style photo
  • Have electronic copies of your relevant documentation (see opposite)
  • Have your preferred payment option ready (credit card, PayPal, cheque, EFT transfer).

Life Support Technician Certification Scheme

Please read the Life Support Certification Scheme document before you begin your application.  This document provides details about certification requirements and prerequisites needed for certification.


As part of the application process, candidates are required to successfully complete the IMCA Life Support Technician online examination in formal exam conditions. Details about this exam will be provided once the application form is received and approved by ADAS.

NOTE: The form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The form can NOT be saved so please allow sufficient time and ensure that you have all your files to complete the process.

Application Details

Personal Identification

Provide a high quality electronic copy of the photo and identity page of your PassportIf you do not possess a passport, provide one of the following forms of photo ID: Driver’s Licence or National Identification Card.

Passport Style Photograph

Provide a high quality electronic copy of current COLOUR passport style photograph that has been taken in the last twelve (12) monthsEnsure your picture is sharp and in focus and has been taken against a light, neutral background. Please avoid a heavy or dark background colour.

Supporting Documentation

Applicants must complete ALL sections of the application form and provide required supporting documentation. Please carefully read over the Documentation Checklist before you begin the application to ensure you have all the required supporting documentation and meet all prerequisites.

NOTE: The Life Support Technician application fee is comprised of a non-refundable assessment fee, and a certification fee. If you do not meet all the application requirements and prerequisites or fail the application process, the certification fee will be refunded to you, but you will forfeit the assessment fee.

Panel Hours Matrix

Please download and complete the Assistant Life Support Technician Panel Hours Matrix as part of your application preparation.  Information required on the matrix is shown below.

  • Date
  • Page number
  • Storage depth
  • Total number of hours
  • Life Support Supervisor name and ADAS/IMCA certification number

Qualification Details

National Certification

Provide a high quality electronic copy of the front and back of your valid Assistant Life Support Technician National Certification. ADAS will contact the issuer of your national certification for verification and validation, please ensure that your national certification is valid and meets all requirements of the issuing country.

Logbook Evidence

NOTE: You may need to compress your dive log files to upload them to this form.  The maximum file size for each field is 50MB. 

Provide electronic copies of your Assistant Life Support Technician logbook showing evidence that you have undertaken the required panel hours to support your application. Logs must show the name and signature of the Life Support Supervisor and a company stamp.

The amount of panel hours required varies depending on the level of diver certification you hold, as shown below:

Part 3 (SSBA to 50m) divers

  • 2400 panel hours
    • Up to 720 can be gained by 144 hands-on hours experience in a Class A simulator
    • Up to 480 can be gained by 96 hands-on hours experience in a Class B simulator

Part 4 (Closed Bell) divers

  • 360 panel hours
    • Up to 108 can be gained by 22 hands-on hours experience in a Class A simulator
    • Up to 72 can be gained by 15 hands-on hours experience in a Class B simulator

If you do not hold logbook evidence of your recent Assistant Life Support Technician experience, please contact ADAS for further advice.

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