Onshore Supervisor Diploma Pathway


The Onshore Supervisor Diploma Pathway has been created to allow onshore supervisors who completed their training since January 2016 to gain a full Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Diving supervision).  Supervisors who gained their certification before January 2016 will already hold a Diploma level qualification and therefore do not need to go through this upgrade process.

Please note that this pathway is only available to supervisors who completed their training with an ADAS ATE which is accredited to issue VET qualifications (generally the Australian ATEs).

Pathway Summary

The pathway involves a mixture of the initial Dive Supervisors Course (undertaken at an ATE), on-the-job experience, and final assessment with ADAS.  The process includes the applicant undertaking the following steps:

  1. Apply on the ADAS website for access to the ‘Introduction to Diving Project Supervision’ (DPS) online course after completion of the ADAS diving supervisor course
  2. Undertake the DPS course workbook, assignments and quizzes while working as a supervisor
  3. Be employed in a supervisory role for at least three (3) months
  4. Complete, and be able to show evidence of, 80 logged hours as an onshore diving supervisor
  5. Submit an application to ADAS requesting final assessment (which will include logged evidence of supervisory experience; a review of completed workbook, assignments and quizzes; a final examination; and interview with an ADAS assessor).

Introduction to Diving Project Supervision (DPS) Course

The DPS course has been created to allow onshore supervisors to complete the two remaining Units of Competency which are required for the full Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Diving supervision).  These units include:

  • ADASUP512A – Work effectively in a supervisory role in hyperbaric operations
  • BSBPMG415 – Apply project risk management techniques

You will be provided with access details and a unique enrolment key to the Introduction to Diving Project Supervision (DPS) course once you submit an application to enrol in the program.

You will find a link to the online course at the end of this page.

Application to ADAS

The Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Diving supervision) pathway involves a two part application process:

  1. Enrolment
  2. Assessment

Applicants will be required to submit an application to ADAS to enrol in the Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Diving supervision), DPS course.  Once accepted you will be provided access to the online training materials and assessments which you can then proceed through in your own time.

Once you have completed the DPS course, you must then submit a second application to ADAS requesting assessment.  When the application is received by ADAS, it and the course submissions will be reviewed and once assessed, arrangements will be made for you to undertake an interview and to sit the final exam under invigilation.  All assessments will be administered by ADAS.

Pathway Cost

There is an AUD $200 (ex GST) non-refundable enrolment fee which includes enrolment and access to the Introduction to Diving Project Supervision (DPS) online course.

When applying for assessment, you will be charged a further AUD $350 (ex GST).  This cost includes assessment of DPS course work and employment logs; an assessment interview; invigilation and administration of an online exam; and ADAS certification.

The total fee (post face-to-face course) for the Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Diving supervision), including enrolment, assessment and certification is AUD $550 (ex GST).

Further Information

Download the Supervisor Diploma Pathway Student Information document for more details.


Online Course

Application for Enrolment
This application requires copies of:

  • A high quality passport style photo
  • A high quality copy of your passport or drivers licence
  • A completed Standard Enrolment Questions form


Application for Assessment
This application requires copies of relevant extracts of your diving supervisor logbook.

Do not click this button until the course is complete and ready for assessment.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact ADAS for more assistance.