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Endorsements Overview

ADAS currently awards Chamber Operator and Nitrox endorsements to divers who have undertaken specific training in these areas. If you have been awarded an endorsement, it will be shown on the front of your ADAS card/license as either an ‘N’ for Nitrox, or ‘CO’ for Chamber Operator.

Chamber Operator Endorsement (CO)

A Chamber Operator endorsement is gained after undertaking an ADAS Chamber Operator course which is a stand-alone program for divers and/or non-divers. The course is also incorporated into the Part 3 (SSBA to 50m) course with all successful Part 3 students automatically being awarded the endorsement with their certification.

Other divers and non-divers may also be eligible to undertake this course in order to gain the endorsement. Contact any ADAS school which runs Part 3 courses for more details including availability, cost, and eligibility criteria.

If you believe that you should have a Chamber Operator endorsement and it doesn’t appear on your card please contact the ADAS office.

Nitrox Endorsement (ND-Nitrox Diver)

A Nitrox endorsement can be gained after undertaking formal Nitrox training and/or assessment with ADAS or other formal training schools (including recreational/technical). Read the following information to learn more about how to have a Nitrox endorsement shown on your ADAS card.

Please note: Nitrox for supervisors is not available but ADAS is developing a program for this.

I have formal Nitrox training, how do I get an ADAS endorsement?

If you have undertaken formal Nitrox training you can gain an endorsement by submitting a Replacement Card application form and supplying ADAS with a copy of your Nitrox certification. The endorsement will then be recorded and a new card sent to you. A replacement card cost of AUD $36 (ex GST) applies to this process.

I have not done any formal Nitrox training, what can I do?

If you have not undertaken any formal Nitrox training but have been diving on it commercially, you may still be eligible to gain the endorsement.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 divers:

If you are a Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 diver, you may be able to undertake an assessment with a recognised Nitrox training facility – depending on your past training and experience. You may not have to complete the whole course, but pass the assessment component only in order to prove your skills and knowledge. Once you have passed the assessment and have gained your certification, you will be able to apply to ADAS to have the endorsement recognised by submitting a Replacement Card application form.

If you believe this is the best option for you, contact a Nitrox training provider directly for more details.

Part 4 divers:

If you are a Part 4 diver you can contact ADAS to make arrangements to sit the ADAS created online Nitrox exam which has been developed specifically for Part 4 divers. The short exam will cover the Nitrox specific elements of operating with mixed gas.

Once you pass the exam, a Nitrox endorsement will be recorded on your file and you can have it shown on your ADAS card by submitting a Replacement Card application form.

Please contact ADAS if you have any questions, or are unsure of the best option for you to gain an endorsement.

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