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Our Vision

To be a creative, effective and comprehensive international training and certification body, setting the benchmark for safe, efficient and innovative service to personnel in national and international underwater and hyperbaric sectors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide international accreditation for hyperbaric workers.

Role of the Board

  • Ensure that the ADAS competencies and standards of training and education, diving practice, assessment and administration are relevant to industry and remain at the level of world best practice;
  • Ensure that ADAS has the financial, human and physical resources necessary to undertake its activities;
  • Oversight the administration of ADAS to ensure that all of its operations are conducted in an ethical manner and that it complies with all legal and financial requirements;
  • Ensure that the credibility and quality of ADAS training and assessment continues to meet the needs of industry and ensure the continuance of the existing international recognition agreements.

Also See Board of Directors

Our Scope

ADAS is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the occupational diving industry. Our service extends not only to occupational divers but also to personnel in associated technical and support roles and to ADAS Accredited Training Establishments (ATEs) and industry stakeholders and encompasses:

  • The development of training courses to meet industry needs
  • The certification of divers
  • The accreditation of ATEs
  • Ongoing national and international lobbying for the improved safety of divers
  • Active engagement in international forums to promote the mobility of ADAS licence holders around the world through increased recognition and acceptance of the ADAS licence

ADAS is at the forefront of international occupational diving and hyperbaric course development and training and assessment. ADAS currently offers qualifications covering the onshore and offshore industries, the scientific sector, the aquaculture industry and police, military and navy diving.

The scope of ADAS courses is expanding to embrace emerging markets and to extend the range of job and career opportunities available to ADAS qualified personnel. In addition to courses for occupational divers and supervisors, ADAS has defined its scope of activities to include all hyperbaric operations including accredited courses for Atmospheric Diving System piloting, Remotely Operated Vehicle operations, Life Support Technicians, Diver Medical Technicians, Hyperbaric Tunnelling and Lock Operators.

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