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In addition to the standard ADAS certifications, there are also diploma level qualifications which focus on:

  • Projects and estimating
  • Management and contracts
  • Learning and development
  • Construction diving management
  • Client worksite representation
  • Leadership and supervision

Designed to expand career options for people in the diving industry or related hyperbaric operations, these qualifications provide an opportunity to further your skills in a range of areas. Some are available via formal delivery and others as tailored individual programs or in-house courses. Undertaking a course via formal delivery provides an invaluable opportunity to meet others in the industry and be exposed to a wide range of ideas and practices. The tailored programs are a great way to have your skills formally recognised, or to focus organisational training on specific areas of need. Typically a Diploma takes one (1) year to complete, and all Diplomas have a mandatory face-to-face component.

Current Courses via Formal Delivery

These courses are available via blended learning using a combination of distance and face-to-face, and subject to minimum numbers.

Dive Project Management Course (Updated with a new name and level)

The specialist course for Dive Project Management has now been revised to consist of two Diploma level qualifications, making it more flexible and applicable to a wider group of potential candidates.

Dive Projects and Estimating

Candidates commence with the Projects and Estimating course. This consists of 12 units with a focus on tendering and managing projects in a dive contracting organisation. Delivery is through a combination of online, web seminars, face-to-face and assessment of a portfolio of evidence from the workplace. Successful completion leads to the Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Projects and estimating). To be eligible to undertake this course, candidates must have at least two years diving experience in the commercial diving industry, or be an ADAS or IMCA Dive Supervisor, or be currently employed in a project related role with a diving organisation and hold a qualification in a related field to at least Certificate IV level.

Dive Management and Contracts

Eligible candidates who have successfully completed the Projects and Estimating course may go on to complete the Management and Contracts specialisation to achieve the additional Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Management and contracts). Delivery of this specialisation requires the candidate to have a minimum of two years experience in the commercial diving industry, to be working in a supervision or management role within the diving industry and to undertake a substantial workplace project.

Please see the Dive Project Manager information page for more details about this course.

ADAS Training and Assessment Managers and Diver Trainers

Learning and Development

The specialist course for ADAS Training and Assessment Managers has now been revised to provide formal certification of some of the units contained in the Diploma of Hyperbaric Operations (Learning and Development), with an opportunity to complete the full qualification via a portfolio of evidence. Some aspects of the course are also applicable to diver trainers. This course is currently only available to persons employed by an Accredited Training Establishment, or approved by ADAS for the delivery of specialist training through an Accredited Training Establishment or ADAS.

Courses On Demand and Tailored Programs

Some courses are available as specialist courses subject to demand. Others are available for highly experienced candidates through a portfolio of evidence and recognition of prior learning approach, with gap training available via mentoring and tailored programs. Construction diving management and Client worksite representation specialisations are only available to offshore diving supervisors or superintendents, or onshore supervisor candidates involved in construction and with substantial experience. Leadership and supervision can be tailored to non-diving areas of the hyperbaric operations industry.

Subject to demand, specialist courses for the above-mentioned qualifications may be made available, particularly where an organisation sponsors the development of a specific course for a minimum of six (6) candidates.

For more information on any of the above course information please contact ADAS.

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