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Before training

Financial support: students may be eligible to access Centrelink benefits for the duration of their ADAS training. More information about Centrelink can be found on this page

Academic support: the ADAS online revision modules may assist students to familiarise themselves with the core theory topics of their study. Some ADAS schools might ask students to complete all revision modules as a pre-requisite to their courses. More information about the free online revision modules can be found on this page

During training

Support at the ADAS school: if students encounter any difficulties during training, they should let their trainers know as all ADAS schools are able to offer support, both for academic and non-academic issues.

Complaints and Grievances: according to the ADAS Code of Practice, if students have grievances during training that cannot be resolved informally, they are able to lodge a formal complaint directly with ADAS. This form should be used for complaints related to interpersonal issues, schools’ operations and administration, or any other non-academic issues. This form should be used for complaints related to an academic grievance, such as practical and theoretic assessment results.

Mentoring program

ADAS acknowledges that minority groups can benefit from additional support and guidance both during training and in the first stages of their careers in the hyperbaric industry. In 2021, the ADAS Board elected to initiate a mentoring program to support new ADAS divers from minority groups. In the context of the Australian hyperbaric industry, minority groups are defined to include women, LGBTQI students, students from non-English speaking background as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

New divers can access support from mentors with established careers in the hyperbaric industry who have experienced similar obstacles or difficulties. The first stage of the mentoring program is focused on women divers. If you are a female student currently enrolled in an ADAS diver course and you would like to be connected to a female mentor, please contact ADAS with the subject line “Mentorship request”.

After training

Complaints and Grievances: past ADAS students are able to lodge a complaint for a period of one year after their enrolment has finished. If you wish to do so, please contact ADAS and a member of staff will assist you.

Career advice: ADAS does not currently offer a platform to put graduates in touch with industry contractors, nor does it endorse any forums or organisations that offer such services. The following links have been useful to ADAS graduates in the past.

Australian Certified Commercial Divers (Facebook group)

Maritime Union of Australia

Marine Jobs Board

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