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Important Information

Your ADAS card is all you need to show an employer to prove you hold an ADAS certification.

You DO NOT need an AQF or VET qualification to be able to work as a diver or diving supervisor.  The qualification is a record of your educational achievement only, it IS NOT a licence to dive.

An AQF or VET qualification will be issued to people who gain a full qualification in Australia only, they are not issued to people who complete ADAS training in other countries.

Cards Overview

ADAS-CARD-FRONTV2May 2015 saw the introduction of new look ADAS cards for all types of ADAS certification.

The cards have been modernised and formatted in a way that gives more detail about the card holder and their certifications. Some of the more significant changes to the new cards include:

  • Added security features to reduce the risk of forgery
  • The full date of the certification expiry date is shown rather than just the month and year
  • Introduction of card ‘groups’
  • The back of the card shows each level of certification a person holds within a particular card group

Card Groups

In the past, there was a different ADAS card for every different type of certification. This has now been combined into distinct card ‘groups’ where one card is printed for each group of certifications a person holds. The group name is shown on the front of the card and all the different types of certification a person holds within a group are shown on the back of the card. The card groups include:

  • ADAS Trainer
  • Chamber Operator
  • Diver
  • Dive Supervisor
  • General
  • Hyperbaric Tunnelling
  • Medical Support
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle
  • Saturation Support
  • Trainee Dive Supervisor

Format of ADAS Cards

While the format of the new ADAS cards aims to give more information in a clearer way, it may take a while to get used to different look of the card and what the information means.  The following is an explanation of both the front and back of the new cards.

Front of Cards

The following information is shown on the front of every ADAS card:
– Name in full
– Date of birth
– ADAS number
– Certification expiry date in full
– Name of card group


The front of the card also shows the card holder’s colour photo and incorporates two different security measures in the form of the ADAS logo imprinted onto the card itself and micro-printing within the card.

Additionally, there is a medical certificate warning shown for relevant certifications.

Back of Cards

The back of each card provides details about the certification/s the person holds, including:
– The name of the card holder
– The expiry date of their certification
– The name of the certification
– Any endorsements held
– Any legislation modules held

Endorsements Key:
CO = Chamber Operator
ND = Nitrox Diver
HED = Heliox Diver
NS = Nitrox Supervisor
HES = Heliox Supervisor
TRIMIX = Normoxic Trimix

Legislation Key:
AU = Australia
CA = Canada
NE = Netherlands
NO = Norway
UK = United Kingdom

The back of the card also has details about returning lost cards to ADAS and how to contact ADAS for verification of ADAS cards. The back of the card has the same security measures as the front of the card.

NB: The blue line shown on the back of some cards is there for ease of reading only, it does not mean you do or do not hold that particular certification.

Certification Names

The names of the ADAS certifications have also changed to reflect the official naming of each type of certification. The information below shows the old ADAS certification titles compared to the current titles.

NB: Only diver and diving supervisor certification names have been changed, all other certifications have retained the original naming system.

Diver Certifications
Current TitlePrevious TitleRelevant Training Standard
Occupational SCUBA to 30m (Restricted) Part 1RAS/NZS 2815.6
Occupational SCUBA to 30m Part 1AS/NZS 2815.1
Occupational SSBA to 30m (Restricted) Part 2RAS/NZS 2815.2
Occupational SSBA to 30m Part 2AS/NZS 2815.2
Occupational SSBA to 50m (Restricted) Part 3RAS/NZS 2815.3
Occupational SSBA to 50m Part 3AS/NZS 2815.3
Closed Bell Part 4AS/NZS 2815.4
Occupational SSBA to 30m (Aquaculture) AquacultureAS/NZS 2815.2
Occupational SCUBA to 20m (Aquarium) AquariumAS/NZS 2815.6
Supervisor Certifications
Current Title Previous TitleRelevant Training Standard
Onshore Diving Supervision – SCUBA to 30mPart 1AS/NZS 2815.5
Onshore Diving Supervision – SSBA to 30mPart 2AS/NZS 2815.5
Onshore Diving Supervision – SSBA to 50mPart 3AS/NZS 2815.5
Offshore Diving Supervision – SSBA to 50mOffshore AirOPGGSA Requirements
Offshore Diving Supervision – Closed BellOffshore BellOPGGSA Requirements

If you have any questions about the new ADAS cards, please contact ADAS for assistance.

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