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ADAS has several online sites for different purposes to assist both learners and trainers.  These include content such as revision material, self-testing, and online materials and support for trainers.  The main sites are:

Each site has separate accounts and logins, and details for each site can be found below or on the site itself.

ADAS Public Online Learning Site

This site contains revision courses and English language, literacy and numeracy resources and testing available to anyone interested in the diving or hyperbaric operations field.

This site is completely open and people can create an account without requiring approval and without any fees or charges. Resources found within this site include:

This site also includes a series of self help learning sites for prospective students or trained divers and supervisors to brush up on their skills.

ADAS Portal

The ADAS Portal has information for ADAS Accredited Training Establishments and trainers. People from these organisations need to contact ADAS for access to the portal.  There are many different information areas available in the portal with the main ones including:

Please contact ADAS if you need more information about any of the online resources available.

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