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IMCA Updates

IMCA has published two new Guidance documents: the first provides information and guidance on the provision, acceptance and handling of breathing gases for diving, the second on protecting divers during underwater excavations. Additionally, IMCA Contractor Members are invited to submit Safety Statistics for 2022.
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International Updates – IDRCF Meets, South African Certifications Update

After two years of virtual remote meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IDRCF and EDTC were able to meet face-to-face again in September 2022 in Marseille, France. In other news, the South African Department of Labour (SADOL) has introduced a legal requirement for commercial diving personnel to register with SADOL and revalidate that registration every four years.
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IMCA Environmental Sustainability Focus

IMCA published its Code of Practice for Environmental Sustainability in May 2021.  Following a successful launch and engagement process the Code was used as a basis for developing a self-assessment questionnaire for IMCA members to establish how they are performing in terms of Environmental Sustainability.

VETASSESS – New Skills Assessment Criteria for Divers

VETASSESS has revised the assessment criteria for occupational divers who require a skills assessment for migration purposes. Traditionally, occupational divers who wished to migrate to Australia were required to hold a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification in order to…

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Change to Renewal & Crossover Requirements

ADAS certification holders are no longer required to submit First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Management certifications during the renewal or crossover processes. In August 2022, the ADAS Board of Directors unanimously elected to remove the requirement for applicants to provide…

Dr David Smart, Corry Van Der Briek And Dr Sarah Lockley

2021 Derek Craig Award

Congratulations to Corry Van den Broek on receiving the 2021 Derek Craig Award. The Derek Craig Award for Improving Occupational Diver Safety is a perpetual award overseen by ADAS which recognises innovation or exceptional effort to advance the safety of…

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