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IMCA Updates

IMCA has published two new Guidance documents: the first provides information and guidance on the provision, acceptance and handling of breathing gases for diving, the second on protecting divers during underwater excavations. Additionally, IMCA Contractor Members are invited to submit Safety Statistics for 2022.

New ADAS School

ADAS is excited to announce that Alfred Health’s Hyperbaric Medicine department is the latest training facility to become an ADAS Accredited Training Establishment (ATE). The Hyperbaric Medicine department located at The Alfred in Melbourne Australia, is world-renowned as a leader…

New ADAS School

The latest ADAS school has officially opened its doors.  Located in New Zealand, the Omne Marine Training Centre (OMTC) provides access to a wide range of ADAS courses. Taking the place of Subsea Training Centre which closed in July this…

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