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ADAS Updates May 2024

Along with a summary of ADAS activities we are excited to release the updated Revision Modules in ADAS-Online, which are publicly available for anyone who wants to brush up their skills to enter the diving industry or further their career.

Diver physics revision module screen shot

Updated Revision Modules Live in ADAS-Online

Following feedback from ADAS schools and students, ADAS has updated the publicly available Revision Modules in ADAS-Online to a new, streamlined format using responsive software, to ensure the units will be accessible to users on all types of devices.
The content of the modules has not changed, apart from a few corrections, and each unit is linked to the same series of quizzes as previously, for which students can be awarded a certificate with grades as proof of completion.

The location of the Revision Modules in ADAS-Online has not changed, and you can view them here (ADAS-Online login required)


Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement and Participation

  • Standards Australia participation: 6 technical committee meetings for SF20 (scientific diving) and SF46 (tunnelling operations)
  • ADAS Board of Directors: one meeting of the whole Board; three Working Group meetings
  • Two instructor training courses: ADAS Diploma in Learning and Development Subset 2 (Diver Trainer) January 2024, ADAS Diploma in Learning and Development Subset 1 (Assistant Diver Trainer) May 2024

Training Materials Update

  • Continued work on Aquarium online exam
  • Finalisation of Remotely Operated Vehicle assessment material
  • Creation of exam questions and assessment tool specific to the HLTINF006 unit of competency for Clinical Chamber Operator (CCO) course/exam
  • Full mapping of Closed Bell units of competency, comparing ADAS/IDRCF/2815.4 competencies
  • Continued review of Part 2 (SSBA to 30m) text

Quality Assurance 01 January – 01 May 2024

  • Desktop audits: 8 Desktop audits conducted
    • These are audits of completed student training records against ADAS course requirements to ensure compliance with ADAS and AS 2815
  • Phone and email post-course surveys: 85 responses received
    • Post-course surveys All students are contacted after their training is completed to allow them to provide feedback on ADAS courses, trainers, and training facilities

ADAS Accredited Training Establishment (ATE) Support

  • One ADAS school audited
  • Organisation of annual ADAS ATE Meeting initialised
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