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Submitting Photos to ADAS

As you all know, when it comes time to renew your ADAS certification, you also need to submit a current photo for your new ADAS card.  Getting a decent photo of yourself can be harder than you think!

The comic below gives you some simple guidelines which will make it easier for you to take a good quality photo when you’re preparing to renew your ADAS certification.  This can mean a faster turn-around by ADAS as we don’t have to chase you up for a better photo.

Current Photos

ADAS’ application forms ask for a current photo to be submitted with the application. In the past, there has been some confusion about what a ‘current’ photo is.  To provide some guidance, a current photo is one that has been taken within the twelve (12) months before you submit your ADAS application.

If you submit a photo which is identical to the one on your current ADAS card, you will be asked to supply a more recent one if it has been over 12 months since your card was last printed.

Please contact ADAS if you have any questions about the quality of the photo you wish to use.

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