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End of an Era

The Underwater Centre Freemantle (TUCF) closes its doors for the last time.


James Fisher Australia Pty Ltd, have notified ADAS that they no longer wish to continue operations as an ADAS Accredited Training Establishment in Western Australia.

After 19 years of providing quality ADAS commercial diver training and support services to the local and international diving industry, “history quietly closes the chapter on quite a phenomenal enterprise”.

Ian Milliner, or Milly as most of you will know him, said “.. In that time the company employed over 168 people. This team included instructors, marine crew, administrators, HR, HSE, and accounting professionals, traditional owners from the Kimberley and key personnel from overseas. The TUCF team trained more than 2000 individual divers from Australia and around the world, submariners from the RAN, and completed logistics work throughout the north west of Australia. More than anything else it was this team, the staff of TUCF, who made the enterprise the success that it was.”

Bronwen Campbell, from Active Learning Partners, who worked on a number of projects with the TUCF team said, “Since first meeting Ian over 10 years ago, I have enjoyed a great working relationship over many interesting and varied projects.

Some of the highlights included developing new accredited courses in submarine rescue and atmospheric diving systems; launching and pioneering the use of the world-first diving supervisor training simulator; demonstrating the simulator in Scotland and hosting and co-instructing the ADAS Advanced Diploma program.

Quite simply, what made these projects such highlights was working with the passionate, innovative and generous individuals that made up The Underwater Centre Fremantle. A big thank you to Ian Milliner and all his staff at TUCF for their generosity and dedication to the industry.”

ADAS would also like to add its gratitude to the list. The staff at TUCF have been incredible supporters of ADAS and ADAS principles over the years. They have assisted with many ADAS projects and have been instrumental in the development of many of the systems and products that we all enjoy today. Thank you from all of us at ADAS to the many wonderful people that made up TUCF over the years.

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