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Approved First Aid Certifications

Holding a current First Aid certification is a mandatory component of most ADAS certifications, read on for clarification about which certifications are accepted for initial ADAS training and renewal applications.

ADAS training and certification requirements are based on the AS 2815 and AS/NZS 2299.1 Standards, which both state that current First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Administration certifications are required to be held by students undertaking training, and by people who are working in the hyperbaric industry.

While there is an abundance of First Aid certifications available around the world, not all of them are suitable for people working in the hyperbaric industry.  The AS/NZS 2299.1 Standard states that:

“All divers and attendants shall be trained in first aid so that, as a minimum, they are able to:

(a) control bleeding;
(b) administer 100% oxygen;
(c) care for an unconscious patient; and
(d) carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The above requirements are met by most general first aid courses leading to certification, incorporating or supplemented by an oxygen administration course.

A dive supervisor shall be trained in first aid to the standard required for a diver. In addition, a dive supervisor shall be trained in the recognition and first aid management of diving related medical problems, and communicating findings to medical support.

Competency in first aid shall be maintained through regular practice and re-certification every 3 years. CPR and oxygen resuscitation skills should be demonstrated to a first aid instructor on at least an annual basis.”

In addition to the requirements shown in the Standard above, divers and diving supervisors also need to complete training in the use of bag-valve masks during their Oxygen Administration training.

For people located in Australia, the above requirements can be met by completing a First Aid course which is shown on the First Aid Certifications table.  ADAS has identified that courses which include units of competency with a code beginning with “HLTAID” are the best fit for ADAS certification holders.

People who live outside of Australia will not be able to complete training in a course shown on the First Aid Certification table, but they will be able to find courses that have similar content.  When you’re searching for a First Aid course, make sure that it runs for at least three days and that it includes practical training and assessment.

More details can be found on the First Aid page of the ADAS website.

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