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Women in Diving

While offshore occupational diving is traditionally a predominately male-orientated career, there is an increasing number of women active in that and other areas of the industry. 

A rise in female representation in recent years has been seen in several hyperbaric industries, including Aquarium divers, Diver Medical Technicians, Aquaculture supervisors, ROV pilots, and even Tunnel workers and Lock Operators.

In Singapore, Siti Naqiah Tusliman has the honour of being the only female commercial diver and was recently recognised in the Straits Times publication.

In Australia, commercial offshore diver, scientist and ADAS Board member, Amanda Sordes, has certainly carved a pathway for future women divers to follow.

Read more about Amanda and other women on ADAS’ Women in Diving website page.  This page provides interesting information and articles which focus on the role of women in diving and accomplishments some women have made in the industry.

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