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This issue’s safety news includes alerts from IMCA relating to a KM37 helmet neck dam near miss, an increase in counterfeit training certificates, and asbestos contamination in ‘Eurogrit’ cleaning product.  We also share a recall notice of Kidde and Garrison fire extinguishers, and occupational diving safety guidance from WorkSafe Victoria.


KM37K/SS Helmet Neck Dam Near Miss
A diver’s helmet became flooded during an offshore subsea operation which resulted in a standby diver being jumped.  The diver was not affected by the flooding and needed to reclose the neck dam lower hinged swing catch (locking collar).  An investigation found that a failure of the locking pull pins occurred due to the helmet not being modified with a Pull Pin Sleeve Kit as recommended by Kirby Morgan.

Further detail can be found in IMCA Safety Flash 28/17.

Counterfeit Training Certificates
IMCA has recently been advised of an increase in the number of counterfeit training certificates in circulation for crane operators, riggers, and banksman/slingers (also known as dogman or spotter).  While these certificates may not be directly related to diving, ADAS has experienced similar issues in the past with forged ADAS certificates being submitted for verification to ADAS by concerned contractors.

ADAS strongly recommends that if any doubt whatsoever exists in relation to certifications being presented (ADAS or otherwise) that the validity of that certification is verified through the certification agency.  ADAS is more than happy to receive requests from employers wishing to verify the certification credentials of ADAS card holders.

Further details can be found in IMCA Safety Flash 22/17.

Fire Extinguisher Recall Notice
The manufacturer of Kidde and Garrison fire extinguishers recently issued a recall notice for portable extinguishers produced between 1st January 1973 and 22nd September 2017.  The extinguishers have been found to become clogged, require excessive force to discharge, and become an impact hazard due to the nozzle detaching during use.

Kidde has provided a Product Safety Recall information page to assist people who may be affected by the recall.

Further details can be found in IOGP Safety Alert 295 or the Kidde Product Safety Recall information page.

Safe Occupational Diving Operations Guidance
WorkSafe Victoria published a Safety Alert in October 2017 in response to an increased number of serious incidents where divers sustained injuries during occupational diving operations.  The alert provides recommended risk control measures, a summary of general duties of employers, and an overview of the Australian/New Zealand Standards which relate to occupational diving in Australia.

More information can be found in the WorkSafe Victoria Safety Alert.

Eurogrit’ Asbestos Contamination
Whilst this safety alert is unlikely to directly impact divers as such, there is a possibility that divers may be working in the vicinity of the use of the following products.

The manufacturer of ‘Eurogrit’, a product used in the blast-cleaning of steel and stone/concrete surfaces, issued a statement in October 2017 that the product has been found to contain traces of chrysotile – a type of asbestos fibre.  The manufacturer has initiated an investigation and recommends that consumers do not use the product.

Further details can be found in IMCA Safety Flash 27/17.

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