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safety-firstThe safety news this issue provides information about diving related incidents reported by IMCA; gives access to a helmet maintenance video created by ADCI; and shares information about WorkSafe New Zealand withdrawing approval of certain dive cylinders.

IMCA Safety Flash 09/17

This safety flash details five separate diving related incidents which have occurred in the first part of 2017.  These incidents include:

  1. Dead Man Anchor (DMA) toppled over, injuring a diver
  2. Diving bell Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) O ring seal damage
  3. Diver’s worksite identification errors
  4. Leg injury caused during HP water jetting
  5. Gas release from subsea pipeline

Details of each of these incidents can be found in Safety Flash 09/17.

Further Safety Flash information can be found on the IMCA Safety Flashes 2017 website page.

Helmet Maintenance

Whilst the prevalence of ‘privately owned’ helmets is low in Australia, this dive helmet maintenance video created by the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) reminds us of the importance of correct helmet maintenance and provides tips about improving helmet longevity.

The video can be viewed from the ADCI TV page.

* Information originally supplied by ADCI’s Underwater Today newsletter.

Cylinder Withdrawal

In July 2017, WorkSafe New Zealand issued a Safety Alert informing the industry of the withdrawal of design approvals for cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloy 6351.  The withdrawal of approval follows two serious harm incidents due to catastrophic failures of cylinders manufactured with the 6351 alloy.

Full details can be found in the WorkSafe Safety Alert.


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