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Review of Diving Regulations

Have your say in 2016 about changes to current diving regulations.

cogs_400Safe Work Australia is currently undertaking a review of Part 4.8 of the Model Work Health and Safety Regulations.

Part 4.8 of the Regulations relate specifically to diving work and give guidance about all aspects of diving work including, but not limited to: competence of workers; medical fitness; evidence of competence; appointment of supervisors; dive plans; use of safety logs; record keeping; and definitions of high risk and general diving.

The review process will involve:

  1. Initial consultation to obtain up-to-date data of the number and demographics of businesses and workers carrying out diving work
  2. Preparation of a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) in line with Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) requirements
  3. A period of formal public comment
  4. Preparation of a Decision RIS with a preferred regulatory option recommended
  5. Consultation with Safe Work Australia Members, and
  6. Final approval of the proposed regulatory model by WHS Ministers.

Because this review directly affects commercial diving activities, feedback will be asked for from the diving community. Although a public comment date has not been set it is estimated that a process of comment will be open to the public in early 2016. ADAS will provide more information about this process when it’s available and encourages divers, supervisors and diving companies to comment on the existing regulations and any proposed changes.

Start putting together your ideas and suggestions now so your say can be counted!

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