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Pearl Diver Fatality Coronial Findings

In April 2012 a drift diver, Jarrod Hampton, died after undertaking routine drift diving work to collect pearl oysters.  Jarrod’s death has been investigated by authorities since that time with the Western Australia Coroner’s court releasing its findings in February 2018.

Photo source: Audi Magazine

Coroner King found that while Jarrod’s death was due to misadventure leading to pulmonary barotrauma, his employer, failed to train and practise its personnel in emergency and rescue procedures.  The coroner’s finding reinforces the importance of ensuring effective occupational diver training.

This acts as a timely reminder for all of us in the diving industry to not only ensure that personnel are effectively trained in the first instance but that training is maintained with regular practice for our dive and dive support staff.  All too often it is easy to become complacent and consider that the one off diver or supervisor training received at the commencement of one’s career is sufficient.

For more details, the full report of the inquest finding is available on the Coroner’s Court of Western Australia Website.

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