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ADAS courses during COVID-19 pandemic

Despite most courses being closed at present, some theory components of ADAS courses are available online. Students who were already enrolled in courses, or those looking to undertake some distance learning during downtime, may be able to access ADAS training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis has meant students around the world are having to learn in different ways. ADAS wants to support people in the diving industry to continue their professional development and has worked with the schools to allow for some different approaches during these unprecedented times. Get in quickly to take advantage of these offers.

Here are some options, and we encourage you to contact the ADAS training establishments or ADAS to see what options may be available.

The Commercial Dive Academy (CDA)

CDA has already started offering various online theory modules via streamed, interactable and downloadable lectures, as well as one on one tutelage where needed. Their current schedule is as follows:

ADAS Occupational
SCUBA to 30m (Part 1):                   April 20th – May 1st

ADAS SSBA to 30m (Part 2):          May 4th – 8th

ADAS SSBA to 50m (Part 3):          May 11th – 15th

ADAS Closed Bell (Part 4):             April 20th – 24th

ADAS Onshore Supervisor:            May 25th – 29th

For further information please contact CDA: +61 3 6383 4844;

Medical Training Solutions is offering some new new and innovative ways to continue to deliver Diver Medical Technician training.

ADAS Managed Courses

For ADAS Dive supervisors, use this time to further your professional development in supervisory skills and applying project risk management techniques. More information at

For divers who plan to work towards becoming a dive supervisor, ADAS has pre-reading options and revision courses to get a head start on your training. Start with and contact ADAS for further options.

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