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Offshore Supervisor Certification Scheme

In November 2018 the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) made a change to the exam resit protocol for Offshore Supervisor and Life Support Technician (LST) certification applicants.  

The ADAS and IMCA processes are subject to mutual agreement therefore to maintain consistency of training protocols internationally, ADAS will also implement this protocol as of the 1st of January 2019.

To date, people who are undertaking the offshore supervisor scheme in order to gain an Offshore Air or Offshore Air & Bell supervisor certification have been allowed a total of four opportunities to sit the final exam.  Candidates were able to sit the exam three times then wait one year before undertaking a fourth attempt.  If the fourth attempt was not successful, candidates were required to wait for two years before beginning the application process again.

From 1st January 2019, candidates will be allowed a total of three attempts to sit the final exam rather than four.  This will be conducted in the following sequence:

  1. First exam attempt
  2. If the exam is failed, the candidate must wait a minimum of 30 days before undertaking a second attempt (to allow for additional study time)
  3. Second exam attempt
  4. If the exam is failed, the candidate must wait a period of one (1) year before making a third and final attempt
  5. Third exam attempt

If the candidate fails the third attempt, they must wait a minimum of two years before beginning the offshore supervisor process again.

More details of the revised IMCA exam protocol and links to guidance documents can be found in the IMCA Information Note IMCA D 05/18 and on the ADAS website.

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