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Diver Medical Technician Recertification

If you have a Diver Medical Technician (DMT) qualification, please read on to ensure a smooth recertification process.

DMT Manequin

ADAS Diver Medical Technician qualification holders will know that in order to maintain your qualification, you need to undertake either a DMT refresher of full DMT course every two years.  Many people prefer to complete the DMT refresher course which is shorter than the full course but there are restrictions as to when the refresher course can be completed.  The current requirements are for DMT refresher courses to be undertaken in either:

  • the three (3) months prior to the expiry date of the card, or
  • the two (2) months after the expiry date.

NOTE: If the refresher course is taken in the three months before the expiry date, the new expiry date will stay in accordance with the original expiry (plus 2 years). In other words, there is no ‘penalty’ for doing the course early.

As shown above, DMT card holders have a total of five (5) months to complete a refresher course for re-certification of the DMT qualification.  If the refresher course is not undertaken in the five month period identified above, a full DMT course must be completed for recertification.

It may be very difficult to find a refresher course that fits within the two (2) month extension period, so it is prudent to complete refresher training within the three (3) months prior to the card expiry to avoid having to do the full-length course again.

ADAS regularly receives requests for extensions beyond the two (2) month period, however extensions cannot be provided and will unfortunately be refused by ADAS.  The message being: Please ensure you make arrangements well ahead of time in order to refresh your DMT training.

Please visit the DMT information page on the ADAS website for more information about refresher courses and a list of ADAS Accredited Training Establishments (ATEs) which run the course.

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