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Coroners Court Recommendations

ADAS acknowledges the Findings of Magistrate Derek Lee, Deputy State Coroner of NSW following the coronial inquest into the death of Mark Murphy on the 20th of May 2015. The Findings were published on July 1, 2022 and can be accessed here. They include a total of eleven (11) Recommendations, including ten (10) addressed directly to ADAS.

The ADAS Executive, along with the ADAS Board of Directors, have carefully considered all recommendations. A total of eight (8) have been accepted and implemented as per His Honour’s guidance as of 07/09/2023. Included in those are a number of changes implemented in 2017 following an internal review of the accident; with His Honour reaching similar findings during the course of the inquest. One further recommendation has been brought to Standards Australia’s attention for consideration during the next review of AS 2299.1. The final recommendation is currently being reviewed, with ADAS working with accredited schools to ensure suitability of any changes implemented in the next few months.

For any further information about the implementation of His Honour’s recommendations, please contact the ADAS Executive Director

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