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AMSA Wants Your Opinion!

Have your say!  The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is requesting input from the Hyperbaric industry into the content of the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) “Code of Safety for Diving Systems” and the “Guidelines and Specifications for Hyperbaric Evacuations Systems”.

A proposal relating to both the Code of Safety and the Guidelines has been developed and is due to be discussed by the Maritime Safety Committee in late May 2018.  In preparation for the committee meeting, and to show representation from within the Hyperbaric industry and from regulators, AMSA have requested that interested people review the proposal and make comments directly to them.

As shown in the proposal itself, the main aim is to “….enhance commercial diving safety by amending resolutions A.831(10) and A.692(17) to reflect the experience and knowledge gained by the industry since the last reviews of these instruments were conducted around 27 years ago in the case of the Guidelines and 23 years ago in the case of the Code of Safety”.  There will, no doubt, be a wealth of experience and knowledge from within the industry which can be highly beneficial to AMSA and to the Maritime Safety Committee.

Anyone interested in commenting on any aspect of the AMSA Proposal are invited to do so by the 20th of April 2018 by contacting Guy Anderson of AMSA on

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