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ADAS First Aid Proficiency Assessment

As many ADAS members are aware, existing divers or diving supervisors are required to maintain current First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Administration qualifications as indicated in Australian Standard AS/NZS 2299.1:2015. To help ADAS members meet this requirement, ADAS has developed a First Aid Proficiency Assessment which can be accessed by any ADAS member.

The Standard states that:
“All divers and attendants shall be trained in first aid so that, as a minimum, they are able to:
(a) control bleeding;
(b) administer 100% oxygen;
(c) care for an unconscious patient; and
(d) carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The above requirements are met by most general first aid courses leading to certification, incorporating or supplemented by an oxygen administration course.

A dive supervisor shall be trained in first aid to the standard required for a diver. In addition, a dive supervisor shall be trained in the recognition and first aid management of diving related medical problems, and communicating findings to medical support.

Competency in first aid shall be maintained through regular practice and re-certification every 3 years. CPR and oxygen resuscitation skills should be demonstrated to a first aid instructor on at least an annual basis.”

As shown above, your First Aid qualification must be recertified every 3 years, while your CPR and Oxygen Management qualifications must be demonstrated or a refresher course undertaken every 12 months.

The ADAS First Aid Proficiency Assessment is available for people who elect to demonstrate their CPR and Oxygen Management qualifications annually.  While this assessment is informal only, it allows you to show that you have maintained the skill and knowledge which you gained during your formal training.  People who are approved to conduct the assessment include: doctor, nurse, first aid trainer, rig medic.

If your First Aid certification is due to be renewed, you MUST also formally refresh your CPR and Oxygen Management certifications at the same time.  That means that every three years you must complete a formal refresher course and in the years between the formal course, you can complete the ADAS First Aid Proficiency Assessment to demonstrate and record your skills.

More information about First Aid requirements and the proficiency assessment can be found on the First Aid page of the ADAS website.

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