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SSBA Diver Training

This article aims to inform ADAS stakeholders and the hyperbaric industry as a whole of recent changes to ADAS Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA) diver training.

ADAS works closely with a variety of national and international partners to ensure that ADAS certification meets the needs of the Australian hyperbaric industry and is accepted in countries all over the world.

In response to industry employer requests to develop an SSBA program which provides more opportunity for trainee divers to undertake additional training on SSBA equipment and spend more time using underwater tools during training, ADAS embarked on the development of an SSBA only program in early 2016. This program was developed in conjunction with ADAS accredited training establishments based on their experience with training SSBA divers. Trials of aspects of the new training stream commenced in early 2017.

As with any new training program there are always areas that require further adjustment or consideration to ensure that the quality of ADAS training is maintained. It has come to light that some industry stakeholders continue to require SCUBA to be taught in conjunction with the SSBA program. Whilst we believe that the proposed change was, and is, a positive move toward producing more job-ready SSBA divers, we are also mindful of the importance of meeting all industry needs.

Therefore, ADAS has decided to delay the implementation of the eight week SSBA training program and will continue with the more traditional arrangement of the combined SCUBA and SSBA eight-week training program for the immediate future. This will ensure that ADAS divers continue to have national and international recognition of their training and meet the needs of all current industry employers.

ADAS divers are regarded highly in industry and ADAS will continue to work with industry to improve the training provided to SSBA divers.

If you have any questions or concerns about SSBA or SCUBA training programs, please contact ADAS.

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