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This safety focus relates to a few IMCA Safety Flashes in relation to a number of diving-related fatalities during 2018 and a closed bell injury; and a Kirby Morgan Alert regarding counterfeit helmets.


IMCA Safety Flashes
In September, IMCA issued Safety Flash 19/18 which focused on the fatalities of three divers in separate incidents.  One fatality was due to an entanglement during lifting operations, another due to the diver being struck by falling concrete pile, and the third occurred after a diver went missing during a hull cleaning job.

ADAS recently became aware of another near miss incident involving the collapse of a concrete pile that resulted in the entrapment and serious injury of a diver.

A later safety flash (25/18) acts as a reminder why our diver trainers were always so hard on us to stow equipment carefully.  Whilst not as serious as the above mentioned incidents, even something as simple as a mislaid umbilical can lead to incidents.

See IMCA Safety Flashes 19/18 and 25/18 for more details.

Kirby Morgan Alert
Earlier this year, Kirby Morgan received a suspected counterfeit KMB 28 which was advertised as being a genuine Kirby Morgan product.  After laboratory investigation and testing, it was confirmed that the suspect KMB 28 was well below safety standards and use of the helmet could lead to severe breathing limitations.

See the Kirby Morgan Divers Beware Notice for more details.

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