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The safety focus for this newsletter relates to a technical service bulletin issued by Broco/Rankin and a HSE safety alert regarding catastrophic failures of certain aluminium SCUBA cylinders.

Broco/Rankin Technical Service Bulletin
On March 13th 2018 a technical service bulletin was issued by Broco/Rankin in relation to a remedial procedure to address possible oxygen leaks from control valves.  The bulletin is specific to the BR22 Plus exothermic cutting torch with serial numbers: Revised 39302-39304, 39334-40038 (but does not affect the original BR22 model).

Please see the bulletin for more detail.


HSE Safety Alert ED 1-2018
On the 8th of March 2018 the HSE issued Safety Alert ED 1-2018 which relates to catastrophic failures of aluminium cylinders manufactured from alloys HE30/AA6082 and AA6351.

Similar safety alerts were reported in the ADAS newsletter in February and August 2017, but the issue is widespread and potentially fatal therefore ADAS has elected to report on this issue again.

See the HSE alert ED 1-2018 for more details and recommended actions.



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