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Offshore Supervisor Scheme Changes

Changes have been made to the ADAS Offshore Supervisor certification scheme in order to simplify the application process for some applicants.

Control panelThe ADAS Offshore Supervisor certification scheme has recently undergone some changes to the documentation requirements in order to simplify the process for some applicants.

As a result of an existing memorandum of understanding between ADAS and IMCA, applicants who are sponsored by an IMCA-member company will no longer have to submit all their accrued dive logs and panel hour logs. These applicants are now able to submit:

–  Copies of 30 log pages of offshore commercial air dives

–  Copies of 30 log pages of panel hours logged as a Trainee Air/Bell supervisor

The pages submitted are to include the first log pages, the most recent log pages, and an even distribution of the pages in between the first and last. The page numbering must be visible and the running totals are to ascend page by page.

Applicants who are sponsored by a company which is NOT an IMCA member will be required to submit all their dive logs and panel hours logs as required in the application process.

More information about gaining an ADAS Offshore Supervisor certification can be found on the Offshore Supervisor Certification page of the ADAS website.

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