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New ADAS School!

ADAS is pleased to announce the introduction of a new ADAS Accredited Training Establishment based in Malaysia.

The International Diving Academy (IDA) is based in Terengganu, Malaysia and is accredited to conduct training and assessment of a variety of ADAS courses including:
–  Part 1 (SCUBA to 30m) diver
–  Part 2 (SSBA to 30m) diver
–  Part 3 (SSBA to 50m) diver
–  Part 1 (SCUBA to 30m) supervisor
–  Part 2 (SSBA to 30m) supervisor
–  Part 3 (SSBA to 50m) supervisor
–  Chamber Operator

IDA’s accreditation is the result of over two years of hard work and dedication by the school owners and the training manager, Kim Choon Koh.

Contact details and a link to the IDA website can be found on the Training Schools page of the ADAS website.

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