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New ADAS School

ADAS is excited to announce that Alfred Health’s Hyperbaric Medicine department is the latest training facility to become an ADAS Accredited Training Establishment (ATE).

The Hyperbaric Medicine department located at The Alfred in Melbourne Australia, is world-renowned as a leader in hyperbaric therapy and provide recompression chamber therapy for a multitude of illnesses and diseases, including those induced by commercial diving such as decompression sickness.

The Alfred will conduct Clinical Chamber Operator training and assessment, and are currently working closely with ADAS in the development of this course.  Once the course is finalised, Clinical Chamber Operator students from Australia and internationally will be able to attend The Alfred and gain training and assessment in their state-of-the-art facilities.

ADAS welcomes The Alfred to the ADAS training team, and looks forward to many years of great work together.

Contact details of Alfred Health’s training facility can be found on the ADAS Training Schools website page.

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