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Maurie Vierow Retires from the ADAS Board

Maurie Vierow retires from the ADAS Board of Directors after 13 years.

Maurie is presented with a statuette of thanks by Ian Milliner, ADAS’ current Chair of the Board of Directors.

The ADAS Board would like to extend their gratitude to Maurie Vierow for his extraordinary contribution to the ADAS Board over the past 13 years. In his role as Board member, Maurie provided expertise in commercial diving and safety implementation and, as the Chair, skilfully facilitated Board meetings and communicated the Board’s position to stakeholders. His professionalism and commitment to diver safety were tremendous attributes to the Board and its development over the years. Maurie also offered invaluable support to ADAS and ADAS staff during his time as ADAS Chair.

Maurie began construction diving in 1969 while also working as a recreational dive instructor and later opened a business in dive instruction and marine chartering. He worked as an inspection supervisor and saturation diver for Hydrospace/Oceaneering in the Persian Gulf from 1987 – 1994 and consulted and operated in occupational diving construction and inspection work until 1996. Maurie became a WorkCover Authority of NSW inspector in 1996 and continued until 2011 and, most recently, has been employed in the role of Health and Safety Executive for both Bechtel and Hutchinson Builders.

Over the years, Maurie has also contributed greatly, as main committee member, to the working groups of Standards Australia:

SF-017 Occupational Diving Operations and Training;
CS-083 Recreational Diving Training;
SF-046 Non-diving Work in Compressed Air and Hyperbaric Treatment Facilities.

Thank you Maurie, and all the very best for your ongoing work at Hutchinson Builders and all future endeavours!

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