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NSW Police Diving Unit Member Retires

After 35 years, Sergeant John Marshall recently left the NSW Police Dive Squad, or has he?

John-Marshall_resized3Sergeant John Marshall recently retired from the NSW Police Force. John has been the Service Technician for the NSW Police Diving Unit for the last 35 years and is one of the most qualified and experienced Technicians in the diving industry.

As well as maintaining the Diving Unit’s diving and support equipment, Johns expertise was utilised in the provision of assistance to coronial investigations into diving related deaths, by imparting specialist knowledge of the equipment used by divers at the time of the incident.

According to Mal Jeffs, the Officer in Charge of the NSW Police Divers, “John has been a vital part of the NSW Police Diving Unit for a very long time.  We will struggle without him; his knowledge is irreplaceable”.

After 44 years in the police, he still hasn’t had enough; he plans to return as a volunteer in policing and will provide assistance to the Diving Unit by maintaining the Unit’s diving and ancillary equipment as well as passing on his knowledge to the new breed.

* Article supplied by Malcolm Jeffs of NSW Police Diving Unit.

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