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Applications received beyond the date of expiry of an ADAS licence are processed as follows:

Applications received within 2 years after the date of expiry of the card will be renewed from the original date of expiry.

Applications received after 2 years from the original date of expiry of the card will incur a re-joining fee of $180 (ex GST).  This fee is additional to the licence renewal fee.

  • Renewal will provide 5 full years of certification from the date of issue of the renewed licence.
  • The rejoining fee caters for the administrative expenses involved in reinstating divers on the database, processing late applications, and verifying continued proficiency evidence.
  • Note: After 2 years, inactive divers will be removed from the ADAS database.

Evidence of continued proficiency is mandatory for applications received more than 2 years past the date of expiry of the licence being renewed. Continued proficiency requirements are outlined under Conditions of Certification in all ADAS Diver and Diving Supervisor Certification application forms. This policy applies to all ADAS licences.

Criteria for Waiving Rejoining Fee

The rejoining fee may be waived at the discretion of the Executive Director if the applicant fits one or more of the following circumstances:

  • The applicant has had a medical condition which precluded him/her from undertaking diving work;
  • The applicant had been unable to work due to circumstances outside of his/her control;
  • The applicant has, for whatever reason, been a primary carer for a child or other relative and thus has been unable to work.
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