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IMCA update

IMCA D 051 – Hyperbaric evacuation systems interface recommendations – Following feedback from a lifeboat manufacturer, IMCA has made some minor changes to the document to better reflect different sizes of lifeboats available.  After consultation, particularly with equipment manufacturers, the document is now being finalised for publication.

imcaIMCA D 024 – Diving equipment systems inspection guidance note for saturation diving systems – This recently published document has been updated again.  The revision occurred as a result of the publication of D 053 (DESIGN for the hyperbaric reception facility (HRF) forming part of a hyperbaric evacuation system (HES)) and the decision to include components of the HES which forms part of the saturation system within the body of D 024 rather than in the separate D 053. Joint workgroup with Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) on hyperbaric evacuation.

IMCA and OGP have created a joint workgroup which is developing guidance about how to use IMCA D 052 – Guidance on hyperbaric evacuation systems, to meet the requirements set out in OGPs proposed document 478 – Performance of saturation diving emergency hyperbaric evacuation and recovery.  The guidance is currently being finalised for publication.

IMCA D040 – DESIGN for mobile / portable equipment and the associated guidance document IMCA D 015.

Industry wide consultation on updates to these documents has commenced.  Both documents have been updated to reflect the wide range of such systems that are available from small 3 cylinder (scuba replacement) sets with a panel to daughter craft arrangements.

Underwater lifting and rigging

IMCA has an active workgroup developing guidance on underwater rigging and lifting which is intended to complement IMCAs offshore lifting operations guidance.  It is anticipated that this document will be ready for review Q4 2014 / Q1 2015.  The workgroup is working with the IMCA Crane & Winch Operations workgroup who is looking to update its guidance M187 – Guidance on lifting operations

IMCA Offshore Diving supervisor and LST Schemes

IMCA is currently trialling a new examination question database which has been populated with a large number of exam questions.  The air diving supervisors exam is currently being trialled by the schools teaching the courses.  It will then be trialled by IMCA members, ADAS and DCBC before going live at the end of the year. Work has now commenced on the bell diving supervisor and LST exam questions.

Jane Bugler
Technical Director

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