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IMCA Continued Professional Development

In April 2020 the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) introduced the Continued Professional Development (CPD) program which allows offshore supervisors to maintain knowledge of industry best practice and to provide competency evidence.

The CPD program comprises of a series of ‘Knowledge Units’ which include learning material and quizzes, there are four (4) units issued every calendar year with supervisors expected to complete all units each year in order to show continued proficiency.  The program is housed in an app which can be accessed from any device and has been developed to be as user-friendly as possible, providing supervisors flexibility to complete the program when and where best suits them.

The program has been welcomed in the offshore industry with IMCA receiving positive feedback from those who voluntarily completed it during the trial period.  Based on the response from supervisors and employers, the program will become mandatory for all IMCA supervisors from the 1st of January 2021.

After a number of discussions and research, the ADAS Board has elected to integrate the CPD app into renewal requirements for ADAS offshore supervisors, both Air and Bell.  This will allow ADAS offshore supervisors to continue to maintain the same level of knowledge as their IMCA counterparts and retain a competitive edge in the offshore market.

To align with the IMCA roll-out of the app, as of the 1st of January 2021 ADAS offshore supervisors will also be expected to complete the CPD program as part of their renewal application process.  It is recommended that offshore supervisors complete the available Knowledge Units before submitting a renewal application in order to have their application processed without delay.  Applicants can provide evidence of completed Knowledge Units by sharing their progress with ADAS or submitting a Completion Certificate if they have completed all four Knowledge Units in each calendar year.

To assist ADAS offshore supervisors with the cost of completing the program, ADAS will reduce the renewal application fee for offshore supervisors, both Air and Bell, by AUD $150.

See the IMCA Diving Supervisor CPD page for more details and links.

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