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The ADAS Board recently established a working group to consider the provision of additional courseware that could be added to existing ADAS courses or delivered in their own right.  These would be courses or skill sets beyond fundamental diver or supervisor training that are required by industry or divers, or have been identified as shortfalls in experience of divers or the surface support team.

To do this effectively, the working group has decided to contact ADAS stakeholders to identify:

  • What are the industry needs?
  • Which or what type of training could be added?
  • How should that training be delivered to be most accessible to users.

ADAS has established the following SHORT surveys which basically ask the above questions.  There are two surveys which can be completed, one from the perspective of a diving contractor and the other from a workers view point.  Please fill in whichever is the most suitable to your circumstances, the questions are very similar.

We would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to give us your thoughts so that we can establish the best possible training to meet your needs.  The working group will use your comments when evaluating future training developments, especially those that will make training more available to ADAS certificate holders.

We look forward to seeing your comments.

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