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Forgeries on the Rise: Check with ADAS

The number of forged diving certifications is increasing significantly, ADAS urges all diving contractors to gain verification of ADAS certifications.

Forgery stamp

Unfortunately, forgery of diver and supervisor qualifications remains a problem around the world, with three (3) incidents of forged certifications being detected by ADAS since August 2023. This is a noticeable increase on the frequency of forgeries compared to the past five years, including pre-COVID.

Forgery of certifications is a long-standing problem in hyperbaric industries, putting workers and employers at increased risk of harm from inadequately trained individuals.

Employers are reminded to always check both the front and back of ADAS license cards to confirm the qualifications held by the card holder, and are strongly encouraged to verify cards with ADAS.

Verification requests can be emailed directly to ADAS along with the following details of the card holder:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • ADAS number

Please note that for privacy reasons, ADAS only provides verification to personnel from diving contractors, and the email request needs to be sent from a business email address and show a business signature block.

Verification requests can be emailed to:

ADAS takes all incidents of fraud extremely seriously, and reports forgeries to the Australian Federal Police.

Read more about ADAS’s response to forgeries and the actions taken here:

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