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Forged Training Qualifications

Earlier this year the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) was instrumental in the investigation of forged Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications which led to an AUD $75,000 penalty being issued to the person who fabricated the qualifications.

While this case did not involve a member of the hyperbaric industry or someone claiming to hold ADAS qualifications, it does show the significance of someone undertaking a fraudulent activity like this and highlights the importance of employers verifying any documentation provided to them by prospective employees.

Recently ADAS has again had cause to report an incident of fraudulent use of ADAS certifications to the Australian Federal Police for investigation.

All ADAS courses are accredited with ASQA which means that people who gain ADAS certifications with an ADAS training facility registered to issue AQF qualifications, will also gain documentation related to that qualification.  This could include an AQF certificate, a Record of Results, or a Statement of Attainment (depending on which qualification was gained). ADAS has a number of security measures in place to ensure that each AQF document issued is unique to individual students, which also lessens the chance of forgery.

Although security measures are in place, ADAS encourages and welcomes all employers to contact ADAS in order to verify the authenticity of both AQF documentation and ADAS cards that have been issued by ADAS.  Verification can be requested by either using the contact form on the ADAS website or calling the office on +61 2 6689 5656.

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