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Executive Assists on Diving Research Project

In a welcome change from the office, the Executive Director recently took leave from ADAS to volunteer as a diver for a project led by University of Sydney on One Tree island off the Queensland coast.

Amanda Sordes diving

The Executive Director, Amanda Sordes, recently took leave from ADAS to spend a week on One Tree Island Research Station as a diving volunteer for a project led by University of Sydney Associate Professor Ana Vila-Concejo and PhD student Lachie Perris, both from the Geocoastal Research Group. The trip involved four researchers and three volunteers.

The project aims to understand the impact of climate change on the geomorphology of coral reefs and how coral morphology is important for wave dissipation and coastal protection. One Tree island is a coral rubble island on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, and a University of Sydney Research station.

Amanda helped with the underwater deployment of a three scientific instruments in one of the grooves located on the south-eastern edge of the reef surrounding the island’s lagoon. First to be deployed was an ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) to record water flow and direction in the water column from 11m, then a Spotter wave-rider buoy with live data available online on the same groove at about 18m depth, and finally a smaller pressure (depth) sensor in shallower water (RBR Virtuoso). Data from these instruments will help understand how coral reefs dissipate wave energy from the continental shelf protecting the coast behind them.

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