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ADAS school, BURC, which is located in Turkey is currently involved in Project DiveSafe, a consortium of diving organisations aiming to develop an integrated system for scientific and environmental underwater systems.

System Overview

The project receives funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) program of the European Commission. Eight partners from Greece, Italy, Turkey, Israel and Malta are working in this project to have a market ready product in June 2022, with hire and lease options.

System Overview

DiveSafe will integrate a number of diving-related technologies, equipment and apps into a comprehensive solution allowing for more efficient and safe scientific and professional diving missions.

The product is mainly composed of:

  1. Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) / underwater scooter equipped with a mainboard and environmental and other sensors, manageable from an underwater tablet.
  2. Underwater tablet with camera and apps for surveying, navigation and mission planning health & safety alerting.
  3. Underwater acoustic positioning and communication system, for relaying data such as positioning and diver health data, to the surface support vessel.
  4. Wearable sensors to monitor the physiological status of divers (Breathing/Heartbeat and Glycaemia monitoring).
  5. Remote server that hosts the cloud database with raw and processed data from the underwater missions.
Factory Acceptance Tests at Istanbul Aquarium

See the DiveSafe website for more information about the project and the partnering organisations.

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