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Diver Health Habits Survey

The Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine and DDRC Healthcare have worked together to develop a survey which focuses on the health habits of divers.

Wesley Survey

In 2011, DDRC Healthcare, based in the UK, undertook an anonymous on-line survey to gain a better insight regarding the alcohol habits of divers in general. This year the Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine (WCHM) has joined with DDRC Healthcare to gain a better understanding of the Australian divers’ habits and health.

The DDRC and WCHM would appreciate it if divers could take a little time and answer this anonymous questionnaire to the best of their ability. All the information provided will be completely untraceable and will be a really useful contribution to diving research.  It is hoped the information will enable DDRC and WCHM to gain a better understanding regarding the health and alcohol habits of divers.

There is a maximum of 38 questions in this survey, but participants will not have to answer them all. The survey should only take about 4 to 5 minutes to complete.  Please follow the on-line instructions to the end.

Click here to be taken to the survey page.

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