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COVID-19 Update

With COVID-19 related restrictions beginning to ease in many parts of the world, some ADAS Accredited Training Establishments (ATEs) are welcoming students back for face-to-face training.

The return to a more normalised schedule of training is a timely relief to ATEs and many students alike.  While there are still travel related restrictions and requirements in place for many countries, there is enough flexibility for the following ATEs to resume face-to-face hyperbaric training from early 2021:

  • Commercial Dive Academy (Tasmania, Australia)
  • Medical Training Solutions (Western Australia, Australia)
  • Professional Divers Training Academy (Victoria, Australia)
  • Subsea Training Centre (New Zealand)
  • Underwater Training Centre South Australia (South Australia, Australia)

For information about course dates, duration, and enrolment requirements, go to the individual ATE websites which can be accessed from the Training Schools page of the ADAS website.

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